20 Acres


$59 per month


I will sell 20 acres  for NO DOWN PAYMENT. I have a few parcels for sale. 

 The land is located in West Texas near the town of Van Horn. 




This is a picture on the Wolf Creek Ranch near the land I have for sale.




 This is another picture on the ranch.  The properties with windmills and tanks are not for sale.

                                The land is beautiful, flat to rolling desert. It has the cleanest air you will ever see.


                               This is a picture of the town of Van Horn, the center of the social and economic life of the

                       County,  with many fine restaurants and motels.



                                                 To locate the 20 acres leave Van Horn going south on Laurel Ave.

                                                 Use your odometer and follow the map below to get to the properties for sale.

                                                 Note each section is 1 mile square.

                                                 Every parcel has a 30 foot easement reserved around it so no one is landlocked.





I am financing this myself and there will be no qualifying. I am asking $6,900, $59 per month, 7% interest.


If you decide to buy the land just print the Land Purchase Agreement on the next page. Read agreement, sign and mail it back to me with your check for the first month’s payment of $59 payable to Metro Bookkeeping.

Call or write to my e-mail address and let me know you want the 20 acres and where about on the ranch you would like it. If you call, I can tell you what is available and I will hold the parcel you choose.


Call me if you have any questions.





Bill Rankel

PO Box 6205

Woodland Hills, CA  91365   


818-324-7820  e-mail Bill@cmlands.com    Land Purchase Agreement                 Home